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Bill Collectors and Buzzards

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This morning an individual in our office received a phone call from a debt recovery company, in reference to an unpaid credit card debt. The person on the other end of the phone I know was just doing their job, but after tying up the phone for approximately ten minutes they informed my colleague that If the debt was not paid they would file a judgment against them and they would lose their Real Estate license.Hmmmmm Cowboy Real estate

Mr. Douglas was A past president of the Pasco county Cattleman's assoc, and a member of the American Herford Assoc. He and his family owned the K_Bar ranch just south of Zephyrhills in Pasco county. I was out riding around with Mr. Douglas one day in his pickup truck, filling mineral feeders scattered throughout the ranch, and checking on the cows. As we came around a Cyprus head we saw a sight most people never see. A cow was in the middle of having a calf, and buzzards were trying to get the calf, as it was hanging out of the back of the cow apparently she was having trouble . She was spinning around trying to hook those buzzards trying to protect her calf. We blew the horn and roared up chasing the buzzards away for the time being. I grabbed a lasso out of the back of the truck as the exhausted cow lay down with her half born calf still hanging out the back. I got the rope around the calf's front feet and using the ball on the trailer hitch of the truck as a block and tackle ,we both pulled and delivered the calf .What should have been a happy ending ended up not to be as we discovered the buzzards had pecked the baby calf's tongue till it was gone and it would never be able to nurse.

Kind of reminded me of those bill collector tactics.