Los Angeles County Real Estate Market Listing Activity Report as of September 10, 2008.

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Currently there are 18,549 Active listings in Los Angeles County.

The SoCalMLS has 14 different categories called "special conditions"  which are Auction, Bankruptcy, HUD/Govt. Owned, In Foreclosure Process**, Notice of Default**, Probate, Red-Tagged**, Relocation Corporate Owned, Short-Sale/Subject to Lender Approval, Subj to REO Company Approval, Subject to Court Approval and NONE-which are regular sales.

This report focuses on the REO and short Sale listings for Los Angeles County, if you would like the statistics for the other "special conditions," please let me know.

Out of the 18,549 Active listings in Los Angeles County there were 8,928 listings with no special condition, which means that 48% of the active listings are under the "regular sale" category.  Leaving 9,621 Active listings under the "Special Condition" category.  Which means that 52% of Active listings fall under a "Special Condition."

Here is the breakdown of all Active Listings under each "Special Condition: 

Short Sales Active Listings:                         Total Number:                       2,462

13% of all Active Listings in Los Angeles County were under a Short-Sale "special condition." 

REO/Lender Owned Active Listings:         Total Number:                       6,717

36% of all Active Listings in the Los Angeles county were Lender Owned.

If you have a portfolio of properties in a certain County, and would like the statistics for that county, I would gladly provide the information to you.  Please feel free to call me at 323-357-9300 or cell 562-884-6196.

Categories with an asterisk (*) were not included in this report because what is listed on the MLS is not reflective of the actual foreclosure activity in the Los Angeles County.  The actual numbers of foreclosures and NOD's far exceed what is listed in the MLS-because there are many foreclosures that do not get listed on the MLS for various reasons.  If you would like the actually numbers of foreclosures, I can research the tax records, and would be more than happy to provide this information, upon your request. 

Although this report was prepared with the utmost care and data obtained from the So cal MLS system is deed reliable it is not guaranteed.  This report is for general information and for more specific data or report for your area, please feel free to contact me.  To search the MLS, please feel free to go to my website:  ReoLicensedSpecialist.com

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