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Some agents claim it's price, price, price!  Some agents swear by staging.  What is the right answer?  Well . . . BOTH are the best answer.  I mean, look at all of the listings on the market today. Especially in the Michigan marketplace, the words "foreclosure", "short sale" and "undervalued" listings are a reality.  I have so many solicitation e-mails in my inbox claiming they have the best "system" to capture these listings that I don't know which end is up!

I can tell you this from my personal experience and expertise in the field -- a well-staged home along with the right target price WILL sell your home!  How do I know?  Because I come to the real estate field with an interior design background.  Not only do I offer staging consultation and services to my clients, I offer analysis to other agents and their clients.  There's something to be said about going through a home in a buyers frame of mind and assessing what the majority are looking for and want in that house they plan to make their home.

I attended a broker open house yesterday in a very, shall we say, eccentric home. It will definitely take the right buyer with a keen sense of "artfulness" to appreciate this environment.  Don't get me wrong . . . I will admit that I kind of liked it! Being a "lefty", I tend to have an appreciation for an artsy look.  But, as I was going through the home, I noticed all of the little things, the details that I thought could have been organized a little better to make a great impression of this space.  There was a dog's water bowl on the floor in the upper level, closets in disarray, personal items on public surfaces that could have been tucked away into drawers to make a better visual appearance.  I mean, if you're going to sell a $1.2 million home, everything needs to be impeccable!  Food was awesome, however, that's not what we're selling.  I would think with that listing your could at least spring for some fresh flowers, rent furnishings and make the home more buyer-appealing!

The point I'm getting at is buyers want it all!  In this market, they CAN have it all!  So, let's give it to them.  A friend of mine in the business has ALL of her listings staged.  Do you want to know how many of them have sold?  All of them!  That's right . . . she's now working to pound the pavement for more listings.  She's honest and up front with her sellers about what needs to be done in order for the listing to sell.  Once she "sets the stage" so to speak, her results prove the point.

STAGING IS THE ANSWER . . . however, staging alone will not do the trick.  You HAVE to be at the right price point as well.  The best equation is STAGING + PRICEPOINT = SOLD!!

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