Don't forget to thank a soldier

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Okay, so I completely swiped the idea for this post from my Krav instructor but it bears repeating. (P.S. If you’d like to see what all the fuss is about visit the Broomfield Krav Maga Open House on September 27.)

Considering this week is the 7th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on United States soil I think it is an especially good week to take the time to thank a soldier. If you happen to see one in the airport or at Starbucks or while you’re out eating dinner or whatever, you could offer to pay for their lunch, or buy them a beer or simply say “thank you” — thank you for your service and thank you for helping keep my family and my country safe.

I have a couple of spare DVD’s sitting around that I need to mail out to the soldiers. You can do that too right here at They also love books, games, Chapstick, tissues, cookies, candy, cards, letters and so on. They don’t always have time or the resources to respond but one soldier sent me a letter with pictures of her painting some Iraqi girls fingernails and it was really neat.

Another good group is Soldiers’ Angels. In fact my very first client decided to join this group at my urging and she has a whole unit to which she and her grandkids send goodies and she actually hears back from them all the time!

If you have a good group you support post it here with a link in the comments.


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