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What do homebuyers look for in an Upstate SC home?  In our experience at Dreamfinders, buyers who pay retail prices for homes are very emotional about their purchase.  They want the home "perfect".  To create that emotional reaction in a buyer, you need to address all 5 senses.

SIGHT - a fresh coat of paint goes a LONG way.  You can create the perception that your home is larger or smaller, well-maintained or let go, and warm or cold based on your color pallette.  Your Dreamfinder will be happy to walk through your home with you and address any colors that have to go, along with suggesting small changes that can bring an existing color scheme together or up to date.  You also need to remove all clutter.  If you don't have enough storage in the home, pack up all the things you don't have to have for the next 3 months and put them in storage.  Now is not the time to be attached to Grandma's couch you don't have room for.  Put it away until you find your larger home that can hold it!!  And just in time to show the house, turn on all the lights.  Make it feel bright and airy!

SMELL - Most buyers don't realize how smell affects them, but I've closed several sales simply because of smell - maybe the seller left the dryer running with the buyers' grandma's brand of softener sheets.  Make your home smell even better than it looks!  Think apple pies in the fall, apple cider at Christmas, vanilla or cookies in the first quarter of the year, and flowers in late spring/early summer.  You can use a smelly on your AC filter, actually bake something right before a showing, or carpet powder and vaccuum just before the buyers come through, but make sure you make an attempt!

TASTE - Almost never done in our market for regular showings, but I ask my sellers to put out a few cookies and cold bottled water (that Dreamfinders provide and custom label about the house) for potential buyers.  Particularly during the summer, buyers are looking at several houses and they are getting tired and thirsty.  The snack refreshes them as they look at your home, making a more positive impression, and the custom label is a reminder of your particular home later in the day when they clean out the car.

TOUCH - Clean countertops, a soft throw on the couch, a luxurious comforter in the master suite...  People touch things as they walk through the house.  Make sure they don't pick up crumbs as they pass the countertop and make other "walkway" surfaces pleasing to the touch.  If you walk behind a couch coming in the front door, that's where the fuzzy throw goes!

SOUND - I once showed a property with mountain views and a player piano in the main entertaining area.  All the lights were on when we got there and the piano playing.  It created a very pleasing atmosphere. (Unfortunately, the house was SUCH a mess that the buyer couldn't enjoy the music, but...)  Think about what music you can play in the background to create calm as the buyers look through your home and make it theirs in their imaginations.  A small water fountain on the countertop can have a similar effect.

With all the senses covered and Dreamfinders new approach to get more buyers walking through your home, we'll get your home sold for top dollar in no time, regardless of what the news says is happening to real estate today!  If you want it sold tomorrow, call Dreamfinders today!  864-607-1189.

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