I may regret this.

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I may regret this but what the heck

I believe that if there is a god then god would be a logical entity. When I am on this earth if I do well then this logical entity will recognize me for what I did. If there is no god so be it; I have done good because it is what I enjoy doing.

I can look back on my life and smile knowing that I have helped many. And it has brought me a sense of being.

Part of a world that’s singularity is saying they believe in god yet have no compassion or understanding of their neighbor. They collect and give money to build bigger, better, and more costly places of worship when many on this earth need food to survive.

What if all these money collectors and givers dispersed their money to those in most need? And when all the world can go to bed with a belly full of sustenance then they could give to those who sleep with no roof. And when the entire world has a place to sleep then we can give the money to educate those who can not afford education. Then we can give money so that all people will have access to medical care.

Soon we will all reap our benefits as we have helped the world, and a logical entity would be pleased.