Consumers - How do you know if you were overcharged by your Title Company?

Title Insurance with The Title Company of Jersey

The Short answer is "You Usually Don't"...

When you made your last Real Estate purchase, were you offered the opportunity to choose from several "reputable title companies", when signing your agreement of sale?  Was the Title Company where your settlement was held already pre-typed into the contract?

Were you "steered" into using an affiliated company of the Real Estate Agency you used?  Did you sign any disclosures stating that there was any business affiliations between those companies?

In New Jersey, all Title Companies are supposed to be charging the same rates for equivalent services.  The truth is....that there can be quite a disparity among what those companies actually charge.

If you aren't offered a choice of which Title Company to use for your settlement, maybe you should do yourself a favor and get a competing quote from at least one LOCAL Title Company.  If you are purchasing a property in Cape May, and someone is recommending that you attend your settlement an hour away in another county, a RED FLAG should go up immediately.

Title Insurance (in NJ) is paid for by the buyer.  It should done in the most cost effective and convenient manner.  If someone tries to steer you in another direction, maybe you should consider if they are acting in YOUR best interest.



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