Preventing Burn-out Part 2 - Sleeping Through The Night!!

Real Estate Broker/Owner with HUNT Real Estate ERA

Sometimes it seems to me that real estate agents feel compelled to be angry, cry and scream their way through their real estate transactions.  It's very easy to make this behavior a part of your life.  Not only will it be part of your real estate world, but it will invade all parts of your life.  This behavior will not only make you crazy, but it will make everyone around you nervous and crazy as well. 

How does this happen?  I often think about a comparison from golf.  It starts out giving your club a little thump in the ground when you make a terrible shot. it gives you a small feeling of satisfaction.  Then you hit it just a little harder next time, and it feels a little better.  Before long , your throwing your clubs and slamming them into the ground.  Eventually,  you break a club.  Tantrums and acting out are not exclusive to golf.  You can be mad at anything, over anything at any time of the day and night.  These anger issues have the power to overpower your days and keep you awake at night. 

So , how is this avoided?  The best course is not to allow this behavior to start.  Resist the urge to act out or scream.  Don't allow yourself to thump that club the first time.  

If you are already in this cycle, back up and think a little more about your work.  A Realtor's job is to give advice and provide options for the consumers we work for.  These are not our decisions to make, nor be angry about.  Sometimes  we have only bad choices to give the people we work with,  but this is our job; to guide people through the perils of real estate. 

Anger and hysteria have no place in real estate. Consumers hire us because we are level headed, calm and are not emotionally involved.  Adapting a no anger policy will not only improve your real estate , It will change your life and help you sleep at night.

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