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Have You Thought About Investing In Real Estate In Omaha ? Attend the Real Estate Investor Seminar for Beginners

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If you have been thinking of investing in Real Estate for a while now, there is not a better time to create a financially independent future for you and your family than the present. By following a step by step  action plan, real estate can be one of the safer investment options available to you.

Real Estate has created more self made millionaires than literally any other investment and I personally know numerous individuals in the metro area that have accomplished that status and who knows maybe you can be the next one.

With the constant fluctuation and our own experience in the stock market, we think real estate is a wonderful option for those that are willing to take some risks.

Your first step:Register for the seminar by going to our website: http://omaharealestateinvesting.com


Real Estate Investment Seminar Workshop Agenda

 The workshop is designed to assist participants in the following:

  •      Investor characteristics - do you have what it takes
  •      Myth understandings between you and financial wealth
  •      How millionaire investors think
  •      Benefits of owning real estate
  •      Finding properties with investment potential
  •      Analyzing properties to maximize profits given the risks
  •      Different types of Real estate options to consider
  •      Renovating a property so it's, ready to  rent
  •      Steps/procedures to rent a property.
  •      Pros and cons of investing
  •      How easy-or hard-is it to buy property in the Metro area?
  •      Self managing VS Property Management
  •      Case study-Analyzing a property( prior to tour)
  •      Wrap up-Staying on top- putting it all together

               Tour of a single dwelling, duplex , either 4 or 6 plex


Join us for this informative Real Estate Investing Seminar for beginners conducted by Keller Williams Real Estate Agents that have over 50+ years experience as investors: Fred Tichauer- 402-679-3914, John Van Gelder -402-871-5596, Scott Houck- 402-676-1008 

      Date: Saturday September 27, 2008 

     Time: 9-11 AM ( Tour to follow immediately after seminar)

      Location: Security National Bank,1120 South 101 Street, Omaha,NE 68124. (101 and PacificSt.)