Local, Local, Local...Why Not Go Local?

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I live in a region that supports using local resources (i.e., "Localvore" = one who supports/eats locally grown foods).

I live in a region that has a strong social conscious ...

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia = Social consciousness is consciousness shared within a society. It can also be defined as social awareness; to be aware of the problems that different societies and communities face on a day-to-day basis; to be conscious of the difficulties and hardships of society.)


Creating change in the way we do business will help all of us remain sustainable as an industry, while supporting the things that we, as good humans, believe and value.

I recently had a closing in which an appraiser was called in from Concord.  The closing agent was called in from Manchester. Both are over one hour away. Here in Keene we have wonderful appraisers (local) and excellent title companies and attorney's who can close a transaction. The appraisal turned up late, held up the HUD until the very hour prior closing.  The closing agent arrived late, held up the closing another 1+ hour. The closing was held in the late afternoon and deed needed to be recorded the next day. The commission check was incorrect and the closing agent did not have the ability to go back to her office locally to rewrite it (I will likely receive it in the mail next week- Seller's this could have been your check you're waiting for...)

Both were very nice people, but both took hours of their time to work on a transaction in Keene, NH. Both spent a lot of gas, and both could have been more productive locally, in their region.

In support of localism, I wanted to share with consumers that they do have an option. When choosing a lender, your agents have wonderful knowlege about the various lenders in your area. Real estate transactions are so much more convenient when everyone used is local (appraiser, lender, agent(s), closer). If there are problems, everyone is easily reached-locally. Everyone has developed a working relationship already, together, and when you've worked together before, it's that much easier to communicate together, as rapport has already been built.  Each region of your state has a different business culture. 

The buyer in the above example was a wonderful person. They had a great reason for choosing the lender they chose. Neither agent had a working relation with that lender, and several complications arose that could have been better addressed if we had better communication all around. I would urge any buyer to strongly consider asking agents in your town who they have worked well with in the past (lender) and ask them why. You ultimately make the final decision, but sometimes it becomes too late when you're in knee deep.  Educated consumers are the key to success!


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