Raining on North Street - No it really is !!

Home Inspector with Pillar To Post Professional Inspections

I wanted to say Hi to the group and to Betsy in particular. I set up a location on AR about a month ago and am going through the slow process of adaptation. What an interesting forum for sharing and knowledge transfer!!!I'm still trying to program the speed dial on my BB so this will take a while to get up to speed. To all who don't know me, I'm one of those pesky Home Inspectors who are searching for any tid bit of information/data that will help us impress you all with how clever and useful we might be to your business, all kidding aside, I represent Pillar To Post Professional Inspections in our part of the world and I'm proud of the brand and the service we can provide to your important clients on the buy side or on the sell side. I have many interesting stories about homes on the shoreline and I'm happy to offer my knowledge and experience by fielding any questions that are relevant to my trade. Be forewarned though as my specialty is candor. I've been at it nearly 5 years now and am rapidly approaching the 1,000 inspection mark. I am involved with a construction and remodeling company registered in our fair state but spend the vast majority of my time on building the local Pillar To Post brand. In my previous life I spent 25 years in corporate finance, I have a BS in Marketing and an MBA in Finance. Looking back at my school experience I realize how limited a toolbox we had compared to the technology available to our kids today. Well time to be a kid again and jump on that learning curve. I hope to become a regular contributor here. Still learning the rules in Milford Center I am;

Allen Stanczyk



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