Have You Reviewed Your Resume, Lately?

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The other day I was working with a new client. We were reviewing her websites, evaluating her marketing strategies, and determining which options available to her through the different systems she has in place should be utilized, as we happened upon her resume posted on one of her web sites. She has been a realtor for almost 15 years and has been very successful top producer through all the various cycles real estate has taken us. She's very savvy and understands the importance of marketing and even more the changing face of venues in real estate marketing. But, I was surprised by her next statement. "This needs to be changed! It's not supposed to be about me!" Now, remember, we are reading ‘her resume' and in the typical employment situation the resume is all about the employee. But she is 100% correct! Since I'd been working on the changing face of real estate marketing, it was exciting to talk to her about this!
As a real estate agent, you are "employed" by the customer, not the broker... but what is even more accurate about her statement, is that as a real estate professional, you are marketing yourself to your client, but, as I mentioned in the previous post, the face of marketing is changing. ("...Where is your marketing taking you?") The real estate client of the 21st century is primarily an informed client; they've done their research... they desire to be involved in the complete process... so how do you market yourself to them?
Today's marketing is more focused on the customer's wants, needs, and desires. Our resources, relationships, and offerings should be focused here, and that includes the redefining of our value to them.
So, how do you rework a resume that touts you and your unique skills and yet at the same time values their participation in the process and makes the client the central figure and leaves them feeling validated and confidant that if they chose you as their agent, you would make this transaction about them? You're skills are ever important in the transaction process, and maybe even more important in today's market. Yet, the client doesn't necessarily understand that, nor do they need to. When you watch a sports match, the referee is vital to the game, but the best games are those that the impact of the referees' presence is not felt. So it is in today's real estate transaction... you are integral to the success of the transaction!
So, I would challenge you, as we begin this journey of evaluating your place and the moves you should make in today's market that you begin to look at your resume, your offerings and services to your clients, and see how it presents itself in today's market. Is there any rewording that could be done to change the focus from you to them?
Is it possible? Certainly! What subtleties could be utilized to convey your skills to your client? How do you make them feel it's all about them, without sacrificing the value you will bring to their process! Because, without those skills, the successful completion of the transaction will be lost! Success = Happy Clients!
Happy Clients = Referrals! Referrals = Successful Realtor!

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