Why Should You Use A Realtor To Find Your Next Home? 5 Ways They Are Looking Out For Your Best Interests.

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Most people looking for homes today will start by looking on the Internet. I believe the latest numbers from Realtor.com is that over 70% of home buyers search for a home on the Internet before they contact an agent. What I want to tell you "the 1st time home buyer" is how the buyers agent helps you when you leave your computer.

1.  The biggest and best news about buyer's agents is they are Free! There is no cost or fee to enlist the services of a buyer's agent. There is a catch that you must know about. In order for the agent to work for you there must be an official agreement stating this fact. It is a buyer's brokerage agreement. This will state clearly what the agent will be doing to help you with your purchase. Do not be afraid of this, if you are ask questions and the agent will gladly explain everything.

2.  The cat will stay in the bag. Your personal information and motivation for buying a home is safe with your buyer's agent. How much you make and how much you qualify for will not be out there for the seller to know. The listing agent is working for the seller and it is their job to find anything that would give his seller an advantage.

3.  Your will have more negotiating power. Having a buyer's agent will give you the representation you need to get the best deal for your new home. The listing agent is working for the seller and has a duty to them to get the highest price possible for the sale of their home. Getting you to buy the home is paramount to you getting a good deal. Price is only one part of the negotiations. After your offer is accepted there are inspections that need to be done and if anything is found what gets fixed and who pays for it are now on the table for negotiations. Remember the listing agent is working for the seller.

4.  You will have access to all information. The listing agent will not tell you that the list price is what the seller wants to sell for. With a buyer's agent you get information about what the market value of the home truly is and what homes just like the one you want to buy are selling for in that particular market.

5.  You will get the best deal. Bottom line is a buyer's agent has a duty to you to find you the property that fits your needs and income at the best price possible.


When you are driving around looking for your new home and call on signs tell the agent you are working with an agent already. See if you're still greeted with the same enthusiasm. Find a buyer's agent to work with. They will not only be working with you best interests in mind they will help you find the best house with the least amount of pain for you.

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Mary Strang
Viroqua, WI

Conan, You could use this a nice marketing printed piece to give to your buyers, nice presentation, thanks for sharing.

Sep 20, 2008 02:10 AM