Order takers? or Informative advisers?

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I sometimes wonder what in the world are people thinking?? Are they in the mortgage business simply to write loans and produce a number of orders? or are they here to help folks with the best loan possible for their particular circumstance.

McDonald's drive-through 7324 by WanderingWhitehorse.

I just got off the phone with a young couple purchasing their first home. As we went thru all the details of the transaction, I mentioned that if they put down a few thousand dollars more they would save about $350.00 monthly because they would be in a conforming loan limit vs jumbo and their pmi insurance would be lowered.

WOW! "you are amazing" I cant believe my banker didnt tell me that....

that got me thinking... why was'nt mention it... is it because they don't care? they don't know? I doubt that- I figure people are just trained to take the order, not to discuss toppings...

This goes for all industries,there will always be the one professional that stands out! full of information, rendering sage advice..

I guess my message here is You be THE ONE

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