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Not afraid to be a Beginner

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Just over one year ago I chose to begin a career in commercial real estate.  I filed away my management oriented resume, promising myself that I would never again use those credentials to prove my worth.  I remember vividly telling myself that, "I'd rather be a beginner in a field that excites me, than remain an expert in something I no longer care about."

For four years I had climbed on the monkey bars of management, from customer relations to production management, human resources management to corporate auditor, managing people, managing products... and everyday realizing that the next day would likely be a duplicate of the last. 

My final year, however, my eyes were opened.  The exciting, nerve-racking, and incredible sales world was at my finger tips.  The interactions with prospects were always different, the situations to be handled were never the same, and the exhilaration of closing a sale was something I had never felt before.  However, I quickly discovered that my time-management skills were being negatively affected by my long-running interest in real estate.

For once the path seemed clear and the opportunity presented itself to combine my passion for sales with my interest for real estate.  Every day I wake up with the realization that I am living a dream... working in a field that I enjoy, with colleagues I admire, and clients I desire to serve.  Although every day is not free of frustration or disappointment... every day ends with a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity to work one more day in this business.

I've found that although my knowledge level is admittedly years behind my colleagues and competitors, there are three things that my clients want more than experience:  integrity, consistent communication, and above average effort.

I'm looking forward to sharing my observations and insights as a relatively new and relatively young face in the commercial real estate industry.  It's a pleasure to join the ActiveRain blogging community... and I look forward to getting to know many of you better.