The Thrill of Victory in BMX Racing

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My 17 year old son and I are in St. Louis for the weekend. Our purpose for being here is to race bicycle motorcross (bmx - the newest Olympic sport). This weekend is the Central Zone Redline Cup Championship.

To get more info on bmx go to the American Bicycle Association BMX website at:

My son started his bmx adventure in January of 2006. He is not exactly "new" to the sport but he is still in the Novice skill level.

We came to town Friday and participated in the first round of races for the weekend. He raced against a 33 year old rider and a 40 year old guy. If I were either of those 2 I wouldn't have liked racing a 17 year old.

But I'm not either one of those guys. I was so happy and proud and excited when my son won his first race. He received a big trophy which I strutted around the parking lot like a rooster holding it high in the air.

Saturday brought a new day of races and a different set of riders. This time he was racing a 16 year old and a 20 year old. This would be a much bigger challenge. Both of those riders were bigger and more "athletic looking."

The gate dropped on the first heat. My heart stops beating. I'm yelling go! go! peddle! peddle! as loud as I can. Leaning forward as if I can help him go faster.

they get to the first hill and all 3 riders are close together. As they come over the top of the hill my son is in the lead. As they continue around the track, my son pulls away from the other 2 riders.

Another victory! The 2nd of his career. Now he has a big plaque to go with his big trophy.

The effects of Hurricane Ike are rolling through St. Louis as I write this. It's been raining most of the night and looks like it will continue all day. More than likely the races scheduled for today will be cancelled.

But nothing can take away the thrill of victory.

Rick Trowe


Bob Haywood
McGraw Realtors - Owasso, OK


Sounds fun!  Tell him congrats!  And remember to keep an eye open for business connections up there!

Sep 14, 2008 01:09 AM