Mount Juliet New Consturction Firewall Issue

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Do you know if your new construction home meets the Mount Juliet's city code for drywall thickness? 

There are two different thicknesses of drywall that are required in your garage.  The walls that line the livable spaces are required to be 5/8" thick while walls that line inhabitable spaces are only required to be 1/2" thick.  Because of some issues that were discovered in a few of Mount Juliet's new construction developments, if you are living in a new construction, you might want to take a test to see if you meet the City's code.  It is very easy to check the thickness of your drywall and will only take a couple of minutes.  

light plate

Wherever there is a light switch plate or an electrical outlet plate, just remove the plate cover, use a ruler or tape measure and measure the thickness of the exposed raw edge of the drywall.  It's that simple to check and could protect your family from harm in case of a fire. 

Most concerns regarding this issue were actually in compliance with the City's code.  But if you are unsure if you are in compliance, don't take a chance, instead, take a moment and find out for yourself!

If you find that your walls do not meet city codes or you have concerns you should contact the City's Building Department at 773-6225.


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