REALTORS: What do you find most distressing about this market?

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Hi everyone, just wondering what other Realtors out there think is the most distressing thing about this market? Do you feel it is the fact that there are more sellers than qualified buyers? Do you think sellers are still stuck in the mindset of what their neighbor sold for in 2005??? How are your buyers? Are you running into more renters? I work with Residential, commercial and rentals in CT and NY. I am finding people that are selling are still stuck in 2005 sales prices, to which I enlighten them as to what is going on in their area. Some stick to their guns and I cannot work with them. The buyers I meet are terrific but slightly confused and not wanting to miss out on the "buyers market" but seem to have missed out on the doing their own homework part. I am very happy to be working with buyers at the moment (thankfully, very qualified, preapprovals, great credit) but I find that my buyers (most of them) want to exhaust all of their options. Back a few years ago that would have been, oh say 10 houses. Now, it is more like 50 or 60 houses even after narrowing down to the last detail. So sometimes it is stressful but I keep hope alive that a closed deal is right around the corner! Everytime I have ever purchased a home, I found one in 3 days, after usually viewing approx. 20 houses. This was even before I was in the business. Now, I know why my agent always said I was a "Realtors dream client" :)

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Jane Wallace
HomeSmart Realty - Denver, CO
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I have a 3 inch file on one of my buyers, we have made 2 offers so far, but he is being very cautious

Sep 14, 2008 10:47 AM
Ann Grant
KELLER WILLIAMS in CT - East Hampton, CT

WOW, you have me beat, one of my buyers, the file is 2 inches, they made one offer, now considering a second on a different property. Thanks for your input!

Sep 14, 2008 10:52 AM