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I have my notebook with a broadband connection at my open house for the purpose of providing online information when requested.

Today at my open house a couple arrived and they were seeking directions to another open house in which they became lost. I asked for information about that home which would help me locate it. I gave them the MLS info for this house and asked them to tour the house while I searched for the open house they were looking for. By the time they returned I had map and directions for them. They were very appreciative and began to open up about what they were looking for. I took the opportunity to invite them to sit and expand upon their wants. I searched the MLS and found 4 homes, 3 of which they had not known about. I offered to email the results and they accepted.

I recommend this as an example of having the right tools at the right moment can turn an experience into a mutually benefiting occurrence.


Keep the blue sky up!

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