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The importance of good credit cannot be over-emphasized. In today's society credit is no longer a luxury. It is essential for growth and prosperity.

Understand this very important fact - only 5% of the entire wealth of the world is ever printed as currency. The remaining 95% exists only on computer chips, in the form of credit. So, if your credit is not good you do not have access to 95% of the world's wealth. This limits your plans for financial security drastically.   America is rapidly becoming a two-class society in which persons without good credit (nearly 60% of the population) are treated as second-class citizens. You need not suffer as a second-class citizen.   At United Credit Education Services,  we pride ourselves in producing results that enable our customers to restore their good credit rating and achieve their financial goals. We help people improve their credit scores by challenging negative items on their credit reports such as:  

·        Late payments                         
·        Bankruptcies
·        Judgments
·        Tax Liens
·        Collections
·        Outdated, inaccurate and unverifiable information
Company Overview

Providing the most efficient Credit Restoration service in the industry. Through our specialized software system and experienced staff.
We are Better Business Bureau Members with no complaints.
Our expert staff has decades of combined experience.
Our Corporate Office is located in Farmington Hills, Michigan.
Service Features  

1 year of service includes five challenge cycles, initial credit reports, credit scores and reminder letters to customers.
Online customer progress reports available for viewing 24/7.
Customer Service call center available M-F from 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, EST.
Online educational series, "A Guide to Taking Control of Your Personal Credit and Finances" available for all customers.   To enroll in our service now go to and click on "Credit Restoration Sign Up Now" located on the left of the screen.

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