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As Realtors we recommend that our buyers have the home inspected.  It is important that the buyer know what is going on with the property.  Though the seller provides a property condition disclosure many times there are items that are not listed.  Most of us have hectic schedules, imagine living in a home and one day there is an electrical socket that just doesn't work, it was in a place that you may have only used once or twice a year.  The next few days go by and eventually you've forgotten all about that socket.  When you go to sell it's not on the property condition disclosure, not because you are trying to hide anything, simply because it was forgotten.  The buyer has a home inspection and that socket is discovered inoperable, that may have been an electrical socket that was important to the home buyer.  Home inspectors find things both big and small, they also provide maintenance advice on their inspection reports, so have your inspections when purchasing your new home.

It's also important to understand that home inspectors are not real estate agents.  I've had on several occasions a buyer bring to my attention how to negotiate "if" the inspector finds this or that, because during the inspection the home inspector provided his insight on the options that the buyer had and what the buyer should ask of the seller.  Home buyers understand that ALL transactions are different, as are all buyers and sellers.  We as real estate agents look at each inspection and each buyer's wants and needs before "ever" offering an opinion on what should be negotiated.  As I am not a licensed home inspector, I do not provide home inspections, so if, as a home buyer you are in a situation where an inspector is wearing the "real estate cap", remember that his/her job is to inspect the home and provide you with a report, not recommend what you should or shouldn't negotiate after the report is provided.  Rely on your Realtor and not the home inspector to give you recommendations and options on how/what too negotiate after inspections.

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A. Michelle Lemmons
Latter & Blum Classic Homes & Properties - Hammond, LA
Thanks for the timely post! All too often, even well-meaning people offer bad advice because they just don't have full knowledge of the situation. 
Oct 31, 2006 10:25 AM