I am New to Real Estate,What do I do for Income?

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Hello all Real Estate Professionals.I can remember when this industry was well respected and all Real Estate agents were a family.Now all I see is greed and corruption.Growing up in the 70's,I can still see that Yellow Jacket walking up the driveway and we all know who they were,the real estate agent had a smile and a handshake,and it seemed like thats all it took to close the deal and sell the house.Now the world got itself in a big hurry and all anyone can think about is how to make a buck.I want to tell you more about me and how I want to be involved in this great industry,and why I have put my new and exciting career on hold.First off I want everyone reading this,"I speak from the heart".All my life I never knew what I wanted to do,and I am sure some or all of you are agreeing with me on this,and who does know what they plan do to with their lives.I got into this because,to be honest.MAKE SOME MONEY!.And also make new friends and feel like a true professional,I mean i worked very hard to pass the Florida R.E.exam,and failed 7x,thats right 7.Not because I didn't understand the exam,but I was juggling college as well,for a degree in Architecture.The ONLY important thing was I passed.I watch the news everyday and see how the housing and mortgage market is melting down,and I know exactly why this happened,one word "GREED".Like I was saying its nice to make money and its also nice knowing that we helped someone move in that house that they will most likely retire in,isn't that what its all about?Anyhow the point I am getting it is I am new to this business and its very difficult for me to work in this business because I cannot support myself to do this full-time and also most companies are closing their doors.In this business we are not handed a manual on what we should start doing from day one,basically we are left to fend for ourselves.How do we learn this business?do we learn just by getting lucky?or hoping to find a company that will take us under there wing?I hope that everyone reads this,and I hope we can all learn something from this,we are Professionals helping our clients,thats the key word HELPING.Think about it aren't we working for them,not the other way around?Please email me with your thoughts or ideas for me,because I want to be the best in the business and I want to bring real estate back to what it once was.

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