Can you Resist the Urge?

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It happens to the best of us… We live in the “information age” and true to the term,  every one of us is assaulted with a mind-blowing number of messages, advertisements, and potential distractions each day. Because of this, it’s a relatively simple matter to have your days, weeks, and even months bounce around like a pinball.

It’s almost a tradition at this point for me to record my activities for a week when I see my sales start to slip. More often than not, when sales are down, the number of distractions I’ve allowed to slip into my day have gone up.

There’s always “something else” new to try. Something bigger, better and badder. Resist the urge! If you’ve settled on a marketing plan and it’s beginning to work for you, then stop bouncing around! There are 3 core activities that should dominate your day:

- Prospecting (Follow-up and cold)

- Marketing (Lead generation)

- Sales process (required activity to move the sales process forward)

These 3 acitivities should be responsible for 70% of your time in the office. If this is not currently the case, then ask yourself “why?” What else is more important than your true money making activities? Most likely distractions have slipped in to slowly but surely chip away at your day. Before you know it, the day is nearly over, and you leave the office feeling like very little was accomplished.

So the lesson of today’s post?

Focus your efforts - resist the distractions - close more loans

Sounds like a plan to me!


Chad Weber -

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