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Having trouble with your Short Sale, Loan Modification or Foreclosure Bailout?

Services for Real Estate Pros with MFI-Miami

Is your short sale or loan modification deal seem like it's dragging on and on?  Is the lender not responding to your inquiries?

That's because in today's real estate atmosphere, lenders and banks don't want to hear about a customer's personal tragedy.  They're more interested in covering their back and their survival.  You and your client need to show you have the upper hand to force the lender to the table. You arm your client with a Forensic Loan Audit.  Lenders hate dealing with me! Why? Because I find errors and fraud in nearly 75-80% of the audits I do.  I expose the dirty little secrets of the mortgage the lender doesn't want the client to know about.


We are MFI-Miami. We are a premier forensic mortgage auditing firm.  Our goal is to shed light on the errors and fraudulent actions committed by mortgage brokers and lenders.  Their missteps may have cost your client anywhere from a few thousand dollars, up to and including their most precious assets, that being the safety and sanctity of their home.   Our inspiration for creating MFI-Miami came from the many requests we received by a number of everyday consumers who were referred to us asking to help them fight back and arm them with the tools necessary to prevent their experiencing the devastation created by fraud in the mortgage industry.  We perform a full Forensic Loan Audit of all documentation relating to your mortgage.  We examine the evidence and arm you with a complete forensic report that can be used to get the justice you deserve by stopping a potential foreclosure, negotiating better terms on a loan modification, short sale or for more serious legal action.  We arm our clients with more than a sling shot in their fight with Goliath, we provide them with the resources to win! 


Is your client a victim? Maybe, if they are losing their home because of the payments being too high or they are upside down in their mortgage, then most likely YES! But how do you prove it? That is our job! Thankfully, you don't have to determine that by yourself. And you don't have to be an industry expert, or know anything about the various laws (ECOA, HMDA, TILA, RESPA, Fair Housing Act, Flood Disaster Protection Act just to name a few), that are in place to protect you. That is our job!

You and your clients do not need to know what functions are performed by the five different federal agencies that regulate mortgages in order to protect you from everything including fraud and housing discrimination. That is our job!

Just know that these laws are in place to protect your client. We understand that sometimes brokers and lenders either don't thoroughly explain the complexities or just neglected to tell you the truth. It's still called Predatory Lending and it is illegal!

When you call us you are talking to highly seasoned mortgage and real estate experts.  Our staff has an individual average of over 25 years experience in residential lending and real estate, and each has been called upon from time to time to act as an expert witness.  Our experience allows us to find errors most real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and lawyers overlook.    We examine both the client's closing documents and the lender's documents.   We then compile that information into a comprehensive Forensic Loan Audit which details violations of the ECOA, HMDA, TILA, RESPA, Fair Housing Act, Flood Disaster Protection Act just to name a few.  The Forensic Loan Audit is then supplied to you and the client for follow up action.

Once we perform your full Forensic Loan Audit, we'll know if your client has been victimized, you and your client will then be fully advised and armed with all the tools needed to get the justice they deserve.

Check us out at www.mfi-miami.com or call me today at:

Miami: 305-851-2460
Ft. Lauderdale: 954-607-2266
West Palm Beach: 561-317-9978
Metro Detroit: 248-841-8511
Northern MI: 231-622-7566

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