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The City of Kyle, currently the fifth fastest growing city in Texas, has been named the #1 Hot Spot in the I 35 Corridor by the Austin and San Antonio Business Journals. An article from forbes.com states, "While the economy is cooling, Texas continues to generate more jobs than the national average," said Krista Piferrer, deputy press secretary to Gov. Rick Perry. "Unemployment is low in Texas, thanks in large part to a favorable business climate that encourages businesses to expand or relocate to our state."

Hearing news like this excites me to be a part of this amazing growth! I love educating the clients I work with, and showing them the positive reasons to making a purchase decision. I believe that the reason most buyers have put the brakes on when thinking to purchase right now, is their lack of knowledge. The media is doing nothing but sending out negative information, which in turn manipulates consumers. We need to be able to think for ourselves, realize that each real estate market is local, and make the best decision based upon hard facts.

 Take a look at a list of the World's Richest People as compiled by any number of organisations such as the US "Forbes 400 Richest Americans", or Australia's "BRW Rich 200 List", and look at where each of these individuals have built their wealth. While these people have generated their wealth from a very eclectic field of businesses and professions, one stands out as more common and re-occurring than the rest: Real Estate!

What it boils down to is this, real estate ownership gives you far more advantages in life than set backs. Tax laws are written to give advantage to those who want to own real estate, because the buying and selling of real estate stimulates the economy! What you need to pay attention to is where you want to buy. Make sure you do your homework, and select an area that is set for economic and demographic growth. The Central Texas market is one of the top 3 in the country when it comes to growth. Now is the time to find your self a worthy Realtor that knows the market, have them educate you about the process, help you choose between your options, and make the decision to own the American Dream!


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