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Original content by Mirela Monte


A little over a year ago the word "Blog" seemed a bit perverse.  I had no idea what a blog was, but I knew some people were doing it, and I didn't know what to think of those people...


Today I am one of the top 100 bloggers on Active Rain, the number One Real Estate Social Site in the World!   I have garnered 34 Viable Leads from my involvement in AR (thorough both AR and Localism).  I have already closed on more than half of those leads and several of them have sent me yet more referrals.  Some of them are repeat clients (investors). 


Before delving into AR, I was a Google spec of dust.  Typing my name into the Google search bar would render only one entry, a 5K race I had won in the past.  I did the same search yesterday and found three pages of Mirela Monte, courtesy of my involvement with AR, thank you very much!


There is much talk about the point system.  I love the point system!  I am a competitive person and I like quantifying the results of my erudition.   Making 10 comments per day for my 25 points per comment has pushed me to garner much knowledge by reading the various blogs.  I've joined many of the Groups here and I cruise from one group to the next, trying to locate posts that are interesting and educational.   Depending on the mood, I might visit the Realtors Group, The Art of Marketing You, The AR Comedy Club or the Lounge at Active Rain.  I always start my day with the Optimist Group and I usually end my day there, for a healthy dosage of Inspiration and Fun.  I am a member of about 30+ groups and I enjoy each and every one of them. 


Before I joined AR, copying and pasting were my most daring computer feats.  Since blogging, I now understand terms like html, SEO, Meta tags.  I can link, post pictures and videos and do things on the computer I never even dreamed of doing before.   My computer ability is actually divided into: BAR (before AR), and AAR...


The information garnered by reading the blogs here has improved my marketing ability in unquantifiable amounts.  Thanks to AR, I now have websites for each and every one of my listings (RealBird.com) and all my listings are at the top of the Google searches, which gets my properties sold faster and garners me even more listings.  Thanks to the largesse of my AR peers, I have improved my practice in ways that I never even thought possible. 


Just when I think it couldn't possibly get any better, AR throws me yet another curve ball.  Just last week I finally delved into this "Re-blogging" business.  Just what is re-blogging?  That led me to the AR Outside Blog, which hit me like a ton of bricks.  WOW!  WOW!  AND WOW again!


In less than 10 minutes I had my own personal site, where I could present not only my own thoughts and ideas, but also showcase the work of other eminent AR bloggers by re-blogging their posts.  I even get 25 points for doing so and they receive 25 points.  I think it is the highest compliment for their fine work.


Which brings me to the social factor:  used correctly, AR can be the ultimate networking tool, make no mistake about it!  People buy and sell every day.  They sell in one part of the country and move to another.  Why send your dear clients to a complete stranger, when you can send them to someone you know they'll love and feel comfortable with: your AR friend? 


I have friends here that I confide in.  I have friends here who confide in me.  I have friends here that I have cried with and have laughed with.  Although many times you've never seen the person, their essence is distilled through their words even better than in real life. 


The term addicted to AR has been presented many times and with good reason:  if you allow yourself to taste the nectar of AR, you, too, will know why!





Sincerely:  Mirela Monte, Your Myrtle Beach Real Estate Connection