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This is a trying time for all.  Seems like all we hear about in the news is the latest bail out by the Government.  Unfortunately we are all suffering from this poor economy including seller's who price their homes at a much too high price that they wish they could get, and end up chasing the market.  The listing sits on the market too long and the buyers start to wonder what is wrong with the home.  Most of the time the only problem is the high price which is in fact a feature of the home.  When the buyers are out there looking at many homes, they aren't going to pick one with bad features, they are going to pick one with good features, one that meets all their expectations.  If I could convince seller's of one thing,  I would tell them to price their homes to sell, or keep it off the market until they can really get the price they wish to get.  Right now we are not sure when that will be, but I have a feeling it will be a while.

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Mark Hall
Realty One Group Cascadia - Vancouver, WA
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Unfortunately seller feel that the first battle when selling their home is with their own real estate agent about the price. It is a rare day when the seller just leans back and says, "Let's do it your way. You are the expert. I trust you." Why is that?

mark hall vancouver wa

Sep 17, 2008 12:19 PM