"Catch a Buzz!"

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Hey, I didn't make up the phrase, I've just heard about it! Are we catchin' one or are we missin' it?!? How many times have we talked and talked to clients and missed the buzz? I spent many years in retail and so many times in the store environment we have to slow them down just to talk to them. "I'm just looking". We're all trained to say that from birth! But...once we get them slowed down to have some conversation, build a little rapprt, we can get the buzz words from them. "The button pushers."

So, as I see it, in this industry we have the ultimate opportunity to slow them down. It's called covering real estate! If you're on site sales or on the road, that's the best opportunity to build that rapport and "catch a buzz". OK so they need three bedrooms and two baths...why? (as you're walking or riding) Because they have two dogs that need their own bedrooms? OK, that's a stretch, but there's your buzz. What's their names, what kind of dogs are they, there's a PetSmart right down the road from this property! So many times I've gotten caught up in the needs and not the buzz. We're not detectives, "just the facts mam", but we're detectives with "a bedside manner".

You know they say "once taught, twice learned", so much of what I put out there is to remind myself of what I need to do. So often we get the needs but not the "whys", the "buzz", and let's face it that's what makes the sales and us a living! So tomorrow and every opportunity from now on, whether it be a follow up phone call or in person, I'm gonna catch a buzz!

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