Home Inspection Report

Home Inspector with AIM Home Inspection, Inc.

The quality of the home inspection report is a very important consideration when choosing or recommending a home inspector. The now old hand written checkbox style report without photographs is not nearly as effective as a well written narrative computer based report with digital photos. I utilize a narrative reporting system that clearly identifies problems discovered during the inspection. As I procedd through the inspection, I take many photographs of components that will be discussed within the report. I also voice record various notes during the inspection. The report is then compiled back at my office following the inspection which allows me to completely review the entire report prior to publishing. When I first started using the computer system, i would complete the report on site with the use of a tablet PC. However, I soon realized that I was taking too much time and still was not able to completely review and edit the report. The average report will take two hours to complete at my office. I then upload the completed report to a password protected web site. The client and realtor are provided with the access information during the inspection. Everyone involved appreciates this method of accessing the report. I do give the client a report cover and pre-punched printing paper to download and print their report.

During your home inspector selection process, please inquire about the type of reporting system used. Everyone involved will greatly appreciate a high quality report with easy access.

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