what you always wanted to know about Real Estate but where to scared to ask!!


I try to do a FSBO caravan at least twice a week and on the last time out i took out 9 agents with between 0 experience and 20 years experience in mortgage and real estate under her belt ,,,,i spied a Coldwell Banker home next to a FSBO the perfect chance to see what my agents know (or not know)..

i got everybody out and put my phone on speaker phone called Coldwell to get permission to view her home with newbee agents to explain the differences between frame stucco concrete block,hip gable roof etc etc

Coldwell banker agent loved the idea that a broker would take the time out to show what they really should know !!

then the nightmare began!!!!!!

i asked 20 questions just what would come out of my head !!

1...what is normal USA house voltage,where is 220v,in the home

2...whats a tray ceiling,vaulted,cathedral,

3...average door size...how high is the ceiling in family room,whats a french door,pocket door

4..elongated toilet,tile called in some bathrooms in the middle directive ,how to tell if bath is fiberglass,cast iron and steel,

5...counter tops granite whats a bulbous corner whats corian ,in kitchen,is 6" floor tile fashionable, age of fridge and where serial # is on it ,where is a reverse osmosis unit placed what is a reverse osmosis unit?,

6...what does a upside down bedroom wall socket mean,size of room with out using a ruler only what you have in your hands (11.5 x 8 paper)

7..where is the cove base located,,,,,,how can you tell cheap and expensive

8...whats orange peel wall ,,popcorn ceiling ,

9....14" x 12" room which is a den can you list as a bed room there is a door to it and no closet ?

10...where does sprinkler water come from?

11...what is that gray box outside (a/c unit )

12...pool heater is electric or gas or solar

13 ...is pool mar cite,gem coat,Diamond Britte?

14...average pool cage re screening cost ?

15..the grass Bahia,st Augustine Florine..Astro turf?

16...roof is it 3 tap architectural shingle how long is warranty average?

17...whats a soffet and

18...whats a line of death on concrete drive way ( where there is no gutter and water cascades on concrete and stains and pickpockets holes there

19...home is 1989 is a/c unit as old or newer

20...is the home worth $160,000 in this market ?

the above questions are a small sample i asked and nobody was even close to half right , i am so concerned about agents who must employ the pregnant pause selling routine where they say nothing and really hope these people like this home but please don't asked me any thing about this home as i really don't know!!

i then made buyer couples out of two agents and a agent to show home and sell it to them !!.it was a complete silence walk through ,,,,,i believe in the Vanna White sales approach where a agents hands a customer mls property report and says i will show you through the home and then you can take your time but pointing out different acpects of home .like tray ceiling french door its amazing how many home buyers heard the word but didn't know what a french door is!

it scared me so much that if you havent closed 6 homes this year you have to do the tour and pass !

when we got outside i called on speaker phone the Fsbo ( you remember the one next door) a lady answered i said i am showing the house next door to your "FOR SALE BY SECRET" and can you tell me something about your home ? its a great open up line to sellers to get the listing ! she went on to tell me about her home and i said i would like to show your home to my 9 agents some of who are working with buyers

you see i employ the 'fear AND greed tacket...and it always works

fear of my home not selling and greed of having ready and willing agents with clients in tow !!

after 5 minutes of backwards and forwards FOREPLAY she drops the bombshell that her whole family is wanting to move to Georgia and sell their homes ..........we listed 4 homes for $2.4 million......

i split up the homes and thats where my nightmare started agents are either super greedy of bossy ,

i looked up the listings and called meeting of all agents after pulling up 10 random listings and these 4 listing they where written crap ..no pictures ,subject line of description was 1.5  lines 18 words for a home that is $780,000 in our area that's 7 real homes worth , sizes no where near right , no mention of ocean access waterfront property deep dredged etc they all must of went to a different listing presentation then i did................................help!!!

So i revamped and made me the final over seer er of putting listings into the MLS,,,because as i learned from a Remax Broker if a agent puts wrong info in the MLS the agents and broker is in trouble with your boards ethics board!!

Please Brokers and agents check your Mls listings and see if they are up to scrath........



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