Douglas Arizona Commercial Port of Entry

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Thursday August, 28 2008 there was a meeting with the GSA and interested, concerned and participating parties. There was a full house in attendance at city hall. Representatives from the U.S. Federal Government, Sonora Mexico government, Agua Prieta and Douglas local officials were in attendance. I was there along with many other folks who are active in our community.


Heery International representative presented the design proposal.

Heery International created award winning design in Rhode Island, where I originally come from.


The initial phase as presented will incorporate 4 new bays for commercial traffic. Though it may seem small this first phase of expansion will help alleviate back – up at our current port and allow traffic from other congested areas, such as Nogales, to be able to divert traffic through the Douglas / Agua Prieta Port.


The full build out with phase 2 will be large enough to require Mexico to match our plan.


Traffic patterns will change in Douglas to divert trucks from travelling through downtown. Chino Rd will divert the traffic from the port to the intersection od I-80 and Rte 191. Rte 191 will be the truck route to I-10. A traffic light has already been installed and some preliminary road work has begun.


Click here to view the design


The GSA plans to submit for funding on this project by spring 2009 with expectations to receive funding in 2011




There are about 24 acres of land to the west of the current port that will need to be appropriated.


Environmental issues get addresses while waiting for funding.

I guess the biggest concern from people on both sides of the border is fear of having dangerous chemical transports through our cities. The solution in Douglas is to make the diversion with Chino road. In Agua Prieta there was no decisive solution. The railroad was represented at the meeting. Their idea is to propose the use of old rail lines for the increase in commercial traffic. Agua Prieta would prefer a port at a place called Kings Crossing. However there is no infrastructure here on either side of the border and this idea would have the new port not operating for possibly 30 years.


There is a public session 9/25/2008 and 9/26/2008 in Ensenada MX. The Binational Bridges and Border Crossings Group will be holding this meeting. It will be important to learn the outcomes of this meeting.


I and many others are confident the new port will happen. At the very least phase one will. There are many opportunities here in Douglas for businesses to prepare themselves for this development. A 44,000 sq ft warehouse building is for sale. It is 2 miles from the Chino rd intersection on rte 191. The warehouse has 14 offices and warehousing space. It has a racking system available if needed. It is for sale or for lease. Plenty of parking for your rigs and employees. Get more details here.






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