I Dont Have to do a Short Sale or lose my house to Foreclosure? How?

Mortgage and Lending with Advocate For Fair Lending
Advocate For Lending was created to assist homeowners in saving their homes. The Advocate For Fair Lending model reverses the balance of power in lender borrower dichotomy. The homeowner's loan is the basis for review. Using existing Federal and State laws and forensic auditing processes, the homwowner may be in the position to completely change the structure of the loan or request to rescind the loan outright. In some instances, if the lender does not act within a 20-day period, the Note and Deed of Trust is voided as a matter of Law. The homeowners also receives the added benefit of a cleaning of credit because a rescission would require everything in the loan transaction to be reversed. Compared to other strategies, this gives maximum leverage and negotiation advantage to the homeowner. The homeowner no longer needs to go hat- in- hand and beg the lender for any concession. In some instances, the lender must beg not to be sued for fraud in addition to any rescission action. For more information check out our website www.fairadvocate.com or please call me @702-324-8278

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Very interesting, Neil.  I was speaking to an attorney who also uses threat of law suits to create negotiating leverage.  I don't undrestand, but there you are!!!


Sep 19, 2008 03:21 PM