Bigger isn't always better!

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As a seller do you think you need a large, nationally recognized real estate company to sell your home?  Have you ever spoken with another seller who thought the same way only to be disappointed.  Was the fee they paid worth the service they received? 

The business model in the real estate industry today is changing thanks in part to how fast technology is evolving.  As a seller you have more options for the marketing of your home then ten years ago.  The one thing that should never change, however, is personalized service from an agent you truly trust.

You might be surprised to find that an independent agency that owes no franchise fees or royalities can market your home as a result of the technology mentioned above and save you more of your equity.  Yes it's true!  Imagine that...full service and pay less.  Wait there's more.  What if the same independent agency offered a rebate to the buyer that bought your home?  Would that buyer place a preference on your home?  Yes!

When you pay less to sell you naturally keep more from the sale.  It also allows funds for any concessions such as helping a buyer with closing costs or offering a home warranty.  What if the home inspection reveals repairs to be made? 

A buyer will consider your home more attractive when a rebate is offered.  If for nothing other than other sellers' agents aren't offering it.  In addition to that it will mean less they have to pay towards a home purchase.  The rebate could be used towards closing costs, an appraisal, or items for their new home.

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