Holding Your Own at Work

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Holding our own means that we stand out in some way. When a ship lowers its anchor, the idea is for the anchor to stay put. But the nature of the seabed also determines if the anchor stays put, or drags. Therefore it is important to find good holding ground for the anchor. Bad holding grounds have caused ships to drift and get wrecked. But a ship with good holding ground has a better chance of holding its own. It will stand out from those on bad holding ground.
There are various ways a person can stand out:

  • Like a sore thumb
  • Like a beacon or lighthouse
  • Like a good example
  • Like a bad example
  • Like a leader
  • Like a misfit
  • Like a reliable, trustworthy follower or helper

Some of these examples are holding their own. Others are drifting, or risking shipwreck. Their spiritual holding grounds differ.
Jesus reminds and encourages us:
"I'll be with you as you do this, day after day after day, right up to the end of the age." (Matthew 28: 20, Message)
There is a need for Christians to hold their own in modern work environments. Jesus asks us to keep doing what He commanded His first followers - draw on Him as resource; show and share His value system; be agents of His Word; pray for others; be honest, upright, trustworthy; be alert to avoid behavior or actions that dishonor God.
As you go about this, depending on your work environment you may stand out a little or a lot. Reactions may vary quite a bit. Remember that Jesus is with those who take Him seriously, and that He is serious about helping.

Michael Cartrer, Realtor Greenville, SC www.beachboyrealestate.com

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