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Thefederal government has spoke and now every month this year we have a new multi billion dollar program to bale the economy out.  Sometimes a new program or two.  It is getting very difficult to follow all this legislation; measures; counter-measures and mandates.  There should be a clearinghouse for the logical elucidation of what all this means.

How about a chart of monthly moves by the governmental groups that has dates, times of creation; implementation date; duration of the measure; impact group; impact to the impact group; and finally cost to the taxpayers

Sometimes it seems measures are created passed and disappear without the public hearing about vetoes or what happened to the measures. 

I think some of these measures are doubling back on themselves.  Who is coordinating the measures.  I imagine someone is ;  who? 

Was there any thought to natural methods of solving the problems.?

Can anyone out there lend any insight to the clear understanding of this economy and housing industry, massive repair government.  It seems to dwarf, Iraq costs.

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From what I can tell, the investment bankers who are holding non-performing MBSs purchased from commercial banks, can now FedEx them to the government and the government will redeem them with cash.  That way, the investment houses on Wall Street will have liquidity to buy more paper from lenders who make mortgage loans and sell the loans to Fannie, Freddie or to the investment bankers who bundle them and sell the securities to sovereign wealth funds.  Of course, the investment bankers on Wall Street can make enourmous commissions on the sale of the securities. 



Sep 21, 2008 10:04 AM
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Larry we were in a death spiral downwards to a depression.  Not matter what happened in the next few months the economy and the US was going downhill.  This is a start.

Sep 21, 2008 10:33 AM