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If you really want to build a highly-responsive customer list via email marketing, then this post is a must read.

Unlimited follow-up at virtually no cost makes this one of the cheapest and easiest forms of marketing.

But have you ever thought about how to effectively use email marketing in your business?

Typically, with an online website, you'd have an opt-in form for your customers to submit their name and email address.

Depending on how effective your website sales copy is, your layout, and your offer, you'd get anywhere from 10%-40% of your website's visitors signing up to your list. Perhaps even up to 70% or more if you had a killer offer and highly targeted traffic.

However, there is another much more effective way for an offline business to build an email list.


Actually, It's quite simple. (Why over-complicate things when you don't have to?)

Most offline businesses already have a steady flow of customers coming into their place of business every single day. Depending on the type of business they may see anywhere from 10-100 or more prospects and customers a day walking through their door.

Imagine building an email list at the rate of 10-50 new prospects a day!

That's 50-250 a week - that's 200-1000 a month - up to 12,000+ per year!

And these are HOT prospects.

They've already shown an interest in your products and services simply by being there and having frequented your establishment (or even your website).

Collecting the email addresses of everyone who comes into your place of business (or visits your website) is a necessary tool to building your online customer list and establishing your online presence.

The benefits of building your online email customer list are:

  • Unlimited Follow-up
  • Pre-sales, Post-sales, Special Offers, a Newsletter
  • Virtually No Cost
  • Relationship Building
  • Business Asset


Here's what you do Step-by-Step:

1) Sign up for an automated marketing responder account

2) Create an opt-in form where your customer (or website visitor) can enter their name and email address. Now, most people will be reluctant to just give you their name and email address unless you make it enticing enough for them to do it. Provide something of value in exchange for their name and email address, it could be a report, a discount coupon, a recipe, a digital download containing anything of value your customer's would want.

3) Get in the habit of asking for the name and email address of everyone you do business with, especially customers. Make it a condition of doing business. Radio Shack does this and very few people ever refuse, and they've built a customer list worth millions of dollars.

4) If you're using a double opt-in system then make sure you tell your customers to click onto the link in their confirmation email which then activates them to receiving your emails.

5) Write out your automated marketing emails - these can be weekly newsletters, special offers, per-sales information, or just post-sales support.

6) Don't make it too complicated at first. Just focus on list building and start off with a simple newsletter and special offers.

I was chatting with a collegue of mine a few days ago and she told me that implementing a system just like this for her client garnered him 2 new customers in the first week - each worth $5000.

That's $10,000 in the first week! At that rate you're looking at a system worth $520,000 every year to that business. Of course, that's an exception to the rule but you can see how profitable the upside of having an email customer list can be to your business.

So, how many people walk into your business every day? How many visit your website? How many of those can you sign up to your automated marketing responder? How many of those can you convert into customers? How much is a new customer worth to you?

You may be surprised at how quickly the numbers can add up.

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