What Makes A Great Glendale Realtor?

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I read this post from fellow blogger Irina Netchaev and nearly fell over from laughter. She had this video of a cliche of a Realtor and, sadly, I know many of you have met this type of agent. t Really, what makes a great Realtor? What makes a great Glendale Realtor? Irina has some really great points and I agree with each and every one of them. Here, though, are my additional ideas.

A Great Glendale Realtor Knows:

  • How to negotiate

    • Negotiations begin with the very first question. A great Realtor never gives their client's money away
  • How to manage expectations

    • We can't control other people, but experience can help us prepare you for what might happen
  • How to manage the process

    • Great systems and great resources make the process much smoother
  • That long term success is way more important than any sale made today

    • Manipulation might lead to a sale, but it won't lead to referrals and it is murder on the reputation.
  • Never waits for a sale

    • Most Realtors put an ad in the paper, a sign in the yard, post to the web (MLS and the like) and sits back and waits. A great Realtor spends each and every day vending the opportunity of your home to everyone they meet! For our buyers, a great Realtor asks everyone if they know of a home for their client. A great Realtor is actively finding opportunity, all the others are sitting on their bumpers.
What do you think a great Glendale Realtor is/does?
Sue Eller
Realogics Sotheby's International Realty-Sequim - Sequim, WA

Hey Kendyl,

ellertheseller aka Sue here!  Luv the video...saw it awhile back somewhere. A reminder to all of us who actually are people first and Realtors second. Hope you have a great holiday season.



Dec 10, 2008 04:49 AM