Builder Stocks-Portfolio Update

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Peek into the future. What is the market telling us. Shopping 2This morning there are people who are buying stock. Or if you're negative, you can say people are putting their money under their mattresses.

Expect volatility but soon this market will be oversold. In spite of this, our builders' portfolio is ahead--remember this is a paper trading portfolio.

I sold Orleans Home Builders and did not replace it yet. We're up 9.63 % as of last Friday.  


Overall Results
Total Gain/(Loss) %: 9.63%
Average Annual Rate of Return, (ARR): 167.55%
Long Gain/(Loss): $4,816.76
Short Gain/(Loss): $0.00
Overall Gain/(Loss): $4,816.76


Yes, the problems are mountains to climb. But we can choose to look down on the valley or up to the mountaintop there is ALWAYS opportunity. This is AMERICA! 

(This is not investment advice.)

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John March


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Palmetto South Mortgage - Columbia, SC

Is the glass half emoty or half full -unfortunatley, the media wants you to think that the glass is empty and broken; however, those that keep their heads in the knowledge that it has to get better sometime will come out on top. 

Sep 23, 2008 02:26 AM