What The 700 Billion Dollar Bailout Means To You

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     As many people already may know; The Government has agreed to bailout all troubled assets, within corporations on Wall St, mainly. This certainly affects us, both good and bad.

     This most important thing to realize is, it was inevitable. This had to happen or our situations would be worst than that of the depression era.

     Mortgage rates have gone down and will continue to drop a little more even, to stay somewhere just under 6%, for the time being.  This will help 'kickstart' the housing sector somewhat.

     Regrettably, we are all left holding the bag, as taxpayers.  With, what some say to be, upwards of 1 Trillion dollars in deficit in 1 year; taxes will have to be raised. None of us are immune. Both the little guy and the big will be paying for this. Lets just hope it is worth it. Hey....We had to do it no matter what.


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