5 Reasons Why Joining A Private Club Is Like Owning A Pet!

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5 Reasons Why Joining A Private Club Is Like Owning A Pet!

A pet has these responsibilities:

  1. You have to feed it
  2. You have to walk it
  3. You have to clean up after it
  4. You have to train it
  5. You have to love and nurture it

Being a member at a private club has these responsibilities:

  1. You have to be prepared to pay for everything that it needs (split between the other members of course)
  2. You have to spend time at your club. Use it for business and pleasure.
  3. I haven't figured out how this translates to a private club yet.
  4. Great clubs are great because of the members personalities and what they bring to the club.
  5. You have to love the club you join and spend time family and friends there.


 OK, I am having a little fun with this because my two boys have been hounding be for a dog. I love dogs but there is a lot that comes with owning a dog. A golf membership is very similar to owning a dog. A membership is not just something you buy because you want to be a member. You need to know what you are getting into. And that your experience as a member will depend on your involvement and how you interact with all of the players, staff and members included.

The biggest responsibility is a financial one, you have to feed it. You not only join a club for what it can do for you but to support something that is bigger than you. So when the club needs a new roof or the pool needs to be redone you and the other members will bear the cost of that burden.

The second most important thing to know come from #5, you have to love the club you join. Remember that this is supposed to be fun and relaxing. Sure the expectations might be high and rightly so but let your club manager take care of the little things or the big things that might bother you. Have fun. Have fun. Have fun.

If you are not having fun or the little things you don't like around the club are getting to you it is time you got involved with serving at your club. Join the board, join a committee get involved to help make your club a great club.

If that doesn't work take some golf lessons and that will either ruin your game or help refocus whey you joined the club in the first place. Playing golf and having fun.

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