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Labor Day was great, and we hope all of you enjoyed the holiday.  As Realtors we have to embrace the time we have for our clients as well as for our perspective clients. It is imperative that we use that precious commodity wisely.  Everyone has heard about the finantial crisis that is looming over our heads as this article is being written  We, as with most of you, indeed are hopeful for a possible solution that will not leave us in a more perilous position.

When it comes to our philosophy with our sellers, honesty is always the best choice.  At this time in the real estate marketplace, we have to make sure that we make an effort to realistically help our sellers price thier homes accurately.  It is so crucial now, that we use the competitive market to helping to arrive at an accurate comparable, as well as to decompress the time that we look back on previous sales instead of perhaps traditionally looking back a whole year.  With the fluctuating rapidly, the accuracy lies in a smaller period of time to use in determining the correct value for marketing a property.  Unfortunately for sellers, this of course means that the home selling price of 2 or 3 years ago will have little or no bearing for this market!   This has been become a frequently encountered obstacle when consulting with new sellers.  So we feel, if a seller will not acknowledge the realities of this market, we will not take the lisitng.   The bottom line truth is: Only properly priced homes in this market will attract a buyer!

Now when it comes to working with our clients on the buying side, things are quite a bit more positive.  For the buyers right now, they can expect to find some possibly "never again prices".  After a recent seminar, we were tuned into the underlying reasons that so many "new" homes are available.  It is much better for a builder to continue to produce homes than to fold up their tents and go home.  So that means that we can show potential buyers both new and resale homes and they can expect to find something that they will like either way.  In the semiar we attended, it was brought out that the Green Valley, Arizona market has pretty much "leveled out" according to the 2 expert appraisers that spoke at the event.  If any of you are interested in the Green Valley, Arizona marketplace, come and visit us on our website:  www.greenvalleyazsearch.com..... and enjoy our new mls search!

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