Traffic in Sherman Oaks hills

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Has anyone noticed the increased traffic winding its way through the canyons and passes of Sherman Oaks, Encino and Studio City? 

I have and it's starting to get ridiculous. 

Every morning, I have to take my post at the end of my driveway to halt traffic, so my wife can back out into the street in front of our house.  What a way to start your work day!

Three years ago, we could enter and exit as we pleased at just about any time of the day. Now, we have to creep cautiously into the oncoming flow of traffic, dodging cars trying to outpace the commuters on the 405. Hillside roads were never intended to carry the volume of traffic that currently traverses the Santa Monica Mountains, as drivers speed to their places of employment on the Westside through narrow mountain roads. 

At first I thought it was the increase in population that was clogging our neighborhood thoroughfares.  After all, Los Angeles is a popular place to live...the sun, the surf, the Biz!  And yes, Los Angeles is the number one destination of goods entering the country from China.  Freeways leading in and out of the Greater LA metropolitan area are crowdedby 18-wheelers entering and leaving the Port Of Los Angeles.

But, in the hills, why?  All the congestion on the major arteries has caused commuters to ask their newly acquired GPS systems to help find new ways to get work. Heretofore, the secret mountain shortcuts were reserved for only those patient enough to huddle with Thomas Guide and magnifying glass.  Now a simple push of the shortest route button gives the commuter a turn by turn guided tour down your street.

Thanks, technology. Can you help me slow down the traffic you've helped direct by my driveway entrance? 

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