Amazing Nature in Melbourne, Brevard County, Florida

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Friday evening, my husband Steve and I decided to take a walk on the beach.  We quickly jumped in his Miata, put the top down and began to enjoy the evening air.  The area that we like to go to is the park at the end of SR 518.  Better known as Eau Gallie Blvd to the locals.  It ends at the Atlantic Ocean.  We parked the car and headed for the boardwalk over the dunes and walked down the steps to the beach.  I took off my sandals and walked in the surf.  The water was warm, yet refreshing.  As we walked along we talked about the day's events and enjoyed watching the sandpipers running alongside us.   The sun had just set and the glow in the sky was a pretty pink, orange and blue.  We probably walked a mile and then turned and began to walk back.  We went about halfway when up ahead I saw something small and dark moving from the dunes to the water.  Immediately, I knew what it was.  A baby turtle had just hatched and was headed for the water!

  As we drew closer we began to see more emerging from the dune.  I don't know how many emerged before we arrived on the scene but we got to see 6 baby turtles scurry to the edge of the surf and wait for their next big wave to the ocean.  It is an awesome sight to see!  Turtle hatchlings are rare to see with so many obstacles during their incubation period to keep them from making it to their destination!  We were privileged to watch and cheer the little guys on.  Their tiny flippers propelled them along quickly in the sand and once they caught their wave, they were gone!  With the recent tropical storms and erosion, it was unexpected sight to say the least.

On the way home, I found myself truly amazed that these little creatures know exactly when to pop out of the nest buried in the sand dune and then without thinking know which way is east!

I love nature and the beauty it offers.  I also love living in Melbourne along the coast of Brevard County, Florida!

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