How to Sell Your Home Faster and for More Money! Part 7

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX of Nanaimo

The Exterior: Check your home for any needed maintenance just as a buyer would. Repaint or touch up as necessary. You can't make a better

investment when you are selling your house! Don't let the outside turn buyers off before the inside turns them on.

•            27. Color has the power to attract. A tub of geraniums, a pot of petunias, or a basket of impatiens on the front steps is a welcoming touch.

•            28. If you are selling during the winter months, consider using a wreath of dried flowers on the front door.

•            29. If you have porch or deck, set the stage with pots of flowers and attractively arranged furniture.

•            30. Check to see that all doors and windows are in good working order. Give special attention to your home's exterior doors and front entry. Clean and paint doors if necessary. Remember, first impressions are likely to color the remainder of the house tour.

•            31. Wash all windows and replace any broken and cracked windowpanes.

•            32. Screens should be free of any tears or holes.

•            33. Inspect all locks to ensure that they are functioning properly.

•            34. Check for loose or missing shingles.

•            35. Invest in a new doormat that says "Welcome".

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