Fall Curb Appeal

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Fall signals the end of the growing season, but it can also mean the beginning of next spring's garden. Not only is the weather cooler, making it more pleasant to work outdoors, but plants are also on sale. Do the work now and reap the benefits of your labor next spring while adding to your fall curb appeal.

Perennials. Plant perennials in the fall to get a jumpstart on your spring garden. As long as you can work in the soil, they should establish quickly.

Shrubs and trees. If planting shrubs in the fall, stick with deciduous types (the ones that lose their leaves in the winter). If you plan to plant a tree this fall, make sure to keep the tree watered until the ground freezes solid and don't fertilize it. To protect the trunk from the winter sun, use a tree wrap.

Add color to your outside. Potted plants can make a huge impact with bright and vibrant foliage. Try a seasonal approach by placing a bright orange pumpkin on each step leading to a front door and on porches or decks, to highlight your home's architectural features.

A little work and some bright colors can improve the look of your home in these sometimes dreary fall months.

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