Credit challenged consumers wasting your time???

Services for Real Estate Pros with CIC Credit, Inc.

Are potential homebuyers with challenging credit wasting your time? Pull credit on your client before wasting your valuable time showing them homes that they can't qualify for anyway. Benefits to pulling credit on your potential homebuyer:  Once you pull credit on a prospective homebuyer and their credit score is very low you can educate them on how to improve their scores and suggest they work on it & come back to you in 6 months or so.    If their scores meet lending requirements then you can transfer your credit report to any broker/lender that is setup with CIC Credit Inc. and they will not have to repull credit. Therefore avoiding an additional inquiry on their credit report & scores. Our system allows you to use the consumer's credit or debit card to pay for their report. Credit reports at no cost to you. What do you have to lose? If your interested please contact me: Vicky Stringer 251-454-7199  You may also check out our website for additional information.  

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