“Dumpster Rental” Provider for Warren, Michigan Discuses Disadvantages of Self-Waste Removal

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Choosing to haul your own waste to a waste management facility (garbage dump) may cost you less in terms of upfront spending, but it carries the distinct disadvantages of time loss, extended effort, physical exertion, and transportation of the load. This said - it is often beneficial to use a dumpster rental or waste removal service. Generally, these services have affordable pricing and save you time, effort, and physical work. 


Removing waste from your property on your own involves plenty of time. You must take the time to package and contain the waste, find and learn to use waste facilities, load a vehicle, transport the trash to the facility, unload the vehicle, and then return to your property. Many times, finding an acceptable facility requires extensive research. For those of you concerned about the environment, this may mean multiple trips to various facilities. The waiting lines at facilities are often long and time consuming. Time is money in today's world. Therefore, you are not really saving anything by using your own time to dispose of waste. Often, a good waste removal service completes all of these activities for you, reasonably priced, and less expensive in the long run. 


Effort requires time and time is something very few people have to spare. Removing your own waste is going to cost you plenty of effort. You must develop a process for waste removal, storing the waste before removal, physically transporting all the waste, and finally disposing of the waste. 

Physical Exertion

With a dumpster rental or waste removal service, you only spend time loading the garbage into the container. End of story. Removing your own garbage requires you to load the containers, load the vehicle used to transport the garbage containers, unload the vehicle, and in most cases load the facility's garbage containers.  This requires an excessive amount of physical exertion and carries with it the possibility of injuries due to heavy lifting. 


So you are going to remove your waste on your own. Okay. You must now find a vehicle (rent, borrow, or buy) large enough to carry the loads of garbage and recyclables to waste management facilities. You may use a small vehicle, and make several trips, but with gas prices today, that is an unnecessary expense. It is best to wait until you have large loads to transport to the facility. Finding a vehicle big and durable enough to handle such large loads may be both difficult and expensive. 

Locating & Using Waste Facilities 

To remove your own waste, you will have to find a waste disposal facility. If you plan to recycle, you will have to locate facilities capable of handling this task.  In many areas, this requires the use of two or more separate facilities. Plan to spend time researching facilities, the services each offers, and the fees associated with waste disposal. 

Dumpster Rental/Waste Removal Services 

Dumpster rental services usually include the delivery of a waste container and the removal of the waste container and its contents. Use of these services often saves you on time, money, effort, and liability. Using an all-inclusive service often means less possibility for delivery and pick-up delays and saves you time and money. 

This article was written by Sherman Rogers of All-waste Dumpster Rental Company.   All Waste, LLC was started in 1998 with a single Mack truck and 12 roll-off dumpsters.  Today Rogers runs an all-Mack fleet of 18 trucks and more than 1200 dumpsters.   Other services include portable storage containers, trash pick-up, and delivery of landscaping supplies including mulch, sod, top-soil, and crush aggregate.  http://thegarbageman.com/ services Macomb County, Shelby, Eastpointe, Mt. Clemens, St. Clair Shores, New Baltimore, Richmond, Detroit, Troy and neighboring cities in the Metro Detroit Michigan area.



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