Pricing home too HIGH! A seller battle

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One of the biggest mistakes seller make, is pricing there home too high.

What do you do when the seller says they want to price their home higher then what you suggest. How do you make them undestand.

Here are some ideas I got from watching an HGTV show:

Your home is worth simply what someone is willing to pay for it.

It's important to be realistic with the purchase price.

If you price it too high you're appealing it to the wrong market and the people who really should be looking at the house, aren't! Because they think it is too expensive and you may never be able to get them to come back to come look at  your house again even when it get's down to the right price.

Sold prices are what tell you where to list your home.

Once you reduce your price it always looks as if there is something wrong with the house.

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