Is There Any Body Out There? Hey You! Comfortably Numb. 3 Ways Pink Floyd Explains Today's Real Estate Market!

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Is There Any Body Out There?
Hey You!
Comfortably Numb
With all of the financial woes that the news media is broadcasting it is easy to get caught up on a certain point of view. Here is one that is a little more optimistic
    Getting the money to buy a new home is available. Don't be afraid to contact your bank to find out "for free" the home loan options available to you. Is there any money out there? Yes. Here are some programs Suntrust is offering; 100% Loans (97% first mortgage and 3% Second mortgage), 100% DR. Loans and they even have a program to help 1st time home buyers and newlyweds with their down payment. Qualifying for the loan is of course a pre-requisite. Getting pre-qualified also save you headache in the long run because you know exactly how much home you can afford before you drive around and waste all that gas.
Hey You, out there on your own! 
    Home buyer's you don't have to do this on your own. I recommend that you find help in a Realtor that speaks your language. Understands your needs and asks hard questions. You don't want a "yes" man negotiate one of the biggest investments you make. Find someone who is willing to fight for you and get you the home you deserve and at a good price.
Comfortably Numb
    Home sellers. You are getting hit the worst in all of the media. Your home may not be worth what you paid for it last year. If you need to sell then you need to know the truth about what your home is worth on the market today. Not what you paid for it last year or the year before. You should hire a Realtor who is not afraid to tell you the truth about what you home is worth. Don't be sold on a higher price and possibilities. Have your agent explain why the homes sold in you area and how your home compares to those that sold. That is where the market is.
    If you want to sell, don't. There are to many home on the market right now. Your testing the market will only frustrate you. Don't put your selves thought that.
    If you are buying up, understand that you may need to take a loss on the sale of your current home. But and a big But, You will recoup your loss on the value purchase of your new home.
This is radical thinking and contrary to media beliefs. Kinda like Pink Floyd.


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