Charles Dillard, "Dryer Vent Repair" and Maintenance Technician Cures the Problem to Correct a Fire Hazard with "Dryer Vent Cleaning" and Alteration in Waterford, Michigan

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Warning! Your Dryer Can Be a Fire Hazard!   This doesn't necessarily mean you need a new clothes dryer...


Waterford, MI -- In preparation of National Fire Prevention Month this October, I asked one of our Dryer Vent Wizard customers about his close call with blackened dryer lint found within the dryer and the dryer vent. Over a short period of time, Tom Mitchell noticed that the family's white laundry was coming out of the dryer an unfortunate shade of gray. They called their local dryer repairman, who found the dryer "jammed full" of darkened lint.


The dryer technician extracted the lint from the dryer. He noticed that it was dark gray - even black in portions - and, in fact, smoldering. The dryer repairman suggested that the family get a new dryer, but they decided instead to clean thoroughly the inside of the dryer.


The Mitchell family's white laundry once again came out of the dryer white, but Tom decided it was in their best interest to explore other safety measures to avoid fires. He called Dryer Vent Wizard, and their technician found that the dryer vent was full of lint. The Mitchell family's dryer hose connections were the flexible type, and there were sharp bends and kinks, a high-risk factor for dryer vent fires. Dryer vent fires typically occur due to a build up of dryer lint within the dryer itself and the dryer vent system combined with the extreme heat caused by use of the dryer. Using a kink-free, solid venting material for the dryer vent limits the potential for dryer vent fires.


Dryer Vent Wizard replaced the flexible hose, installing instead a straight pipe with only one turn that reduces the potential for dryer vent fires. The dryer vent technician then measured the airflow through the new tubing, finding that the air speed had markedly increased within the dryer vent. The Mitchell family's dryer had accumulated so much dryer lint over the years from a mere 5 to 6 laundry loads per week because the type of dryer venting material used gave the lint a place to rest and accumulate within the bends and cracks.


In addition to the Mitchell's faulty dryer hose, Dryer Vent Wizard discovered another potential fire hazard. The laundry room housed a shower as well, and its exhaust fan had been installed so that it vented into the same tubing as the dryer's. A dryer vent system should not retain moisture because moisture allows the lint to cling together, forming a massive lint blockage within the dryer vent. This particular venting system had lint in it, too. Dryer Vent Wizard created another outlet for the ceiling fan exhaust, so now the Mitchells have a ceiling fan vent separate from the dryer vent.


Fortunately for the Mitchell family, Tom took early measures to prevent a potential fire in his dryer. In anticipation of National Fire Prevention Month, Mr. Mitchell was kind enough to share his story with us.


According to the National Fire Protection Agency, dryers are involved in over 15,000 fires per year, with the leading cause being failure to clean dryer vents.

These fires caused an average of 26 deaths, 468 injuries and $198 million in direct property damage per year.  http://www.dryerventwizard services consumers in the following areas of Oakland and Livingston County, Michigan:  West Bloomfield, Birmingham, Troy, Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills, Waterford, Pontiac, Oakland Township, Clarkston, Beverly Hills, Hartland, Lake Angelus, Ferndale, Orchard Lake, Huntington Woods, Oxford, Oak Park, Walled Lake, Lathrup Village and neighboring cities and communities.





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